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Mbbs in Abroad in 2020 with Tecabroad

Study Mbbs in Abroad at Tecabroad, we are not any other consultant who sends the students abroad for study mbbs in abroad for UG /PG courses. We shall assure that the student who comes to us to find best college for mbbs in abroad for indian students , we provide them with the best career counselling. We carefully understand the student’s area of interest and then guide them as per their skills to enhance it better. In these days abroad mbbs value in india between indian students is increasing day by day as Studying overseas offers many benefits to students, not just good education, handsome degree & reputed college. We also have other studies abroad options for students of management and engineering in mci approved colleges.
We are a study abroad consultant in Delhi, India helping students from different places in India fulfil their dream of quality foreign education by offering admissions in leading foreign universities in Ukraine, Russia, China, UK, Ireland, and other countries without entrance exams for mbbs in abroad. We provide the following services:

Counselling for selection of the right course, Selection of best universities abroad, Helping students secure educational loans, Looking after travel arrangements, Visa, Forex

Why Study MBBS in abroad ?

benefits of study abroad
Why MBBS in abroad ??

Low tuition fees

MBBS from abroad starts from Rs. 10 lakh for the entire course which is way cheaper than MBBS in India . Moreover, this fees is paid in yearly instalments hence the students don’t have to pay the entire fees at one go that is why we recommand study in abroad at low tuition fees as benefits of studying

Indian representative

We, at Tecabroad, provide one local representative in every country where we send our students to deal with their day to day queries if any.

MCI and WHO approved universities

The students are eligible to practice in India after completion of MBBS as all the medical colleges is approved by mci india.

No hidden cost

We at tecabroad believe in providing 100% satisfaction to the students for the services which we offer. There is no hidden cost beyond fee structure involved in the consultation/ admission process.

Internship assistance for students

Internship assistance in foreign is also provided to students once they are back after completion of their course of MBBS. We also give assistance of PG courses after mbbs in abroad .

MCI screening test coaching

Special coaching would be provided to students by the universities to clear the medical council of India screening test- foreign medical graduates examination.

The medium of instruction is English

English is known to be a universal language. Mbbs in Universities like Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, China, Georgia follow the international standards and the entire course is too in the English language.

No donation

A major concern students have been putting on quora about whether Mbbs in abroad donation free or not ? As it is a popular habit in India of taking donations for mbbs, it is hard to find private medical colleges in india without donation, there is no donation in foreign universities for MBBS course. A student just has to pay the university fees.

Why Tecabroad?

An Important Question has been revolving around Student’s Mind is “Is neet compulsory for mbbs in abroad ?” Tecabroad as study abroad consultant is the one stop solution for providing specialized foreign education services for mbbs in foreign Countries without neet . Tecabroad provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines and much more mci recognised mci approved medical Colleges abroad. Our organization aims to bridge the gap between the student’s desire and their educational endeavours. Our experienced and qualified teams of counsellors are committed to providing you with the best admission guidance and career Counselling so you make the most informed decisions to foster your aspirations. At Tecabroad, personalized services help the students to identify the educational institution that befits their profile and areas of interest. We take care of the complete Application process, freeing the students from all the hassles. Our counsellors have been trained by international experts to guide students professionally in selecting the right course at the ideal university. The experienced counsellors guide the students And their parents on the entire process of studying abroad right from selecting a course and the preferred institution, to ensuring that the students reach their chosen destination safely by best college for mbbs in abroad. Having the best consulting team With their prior knowledge in working with best college for mbbs in abroad and also the requirements of Indian students, can correlate and give proper advice on the exact location and course to be taken up.

  MBBS in Abroad Services

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Our specialized counselors who are professionally trained, having strong past counseling experience and traveled, lived, studied or worked in abroad, will have answers to your endless questions:
• What after 12th?
• University or College?
• Which course is in demand?
• Shall I specialize in any subject?
• Am I eligible for a particular course?
• Is it possible to change my line of study?

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Tecabroad provide assistance in education loan for mbbs in abroad. We assist you in arranging finances through our more than 15 affiliated banks and financial institutions. You may need an Education loan because:
• You don’t want to put pressure on your parents or
• You want to independently support your expenses or
• Simply do not want to invest your all money

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We will help you plan your travel through advance ticket booking at special discounted fair & excess baggage allowance. So no need to trouble yourselves for:
• How can I search so many universities websites for different admission criteria?
• Can I get an application fee waiver / better scholarship in other universities?
• How do I know how should my resume/sop look like?

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At Tecabroad we assure you 100% visa success.Our staff has a wide past experience, regular updates on new visa rules and sound & professional knowledge on visa documentation assure 100% results.
• How much money to show for the visa?
• What all documents are needed?
• In the case of a visa interview, how do I prepare myself? What questions will be asked?

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Through our preferential tie-up with reputed Foreign exchange companies, we help you in making foreign currency Demand drafts, Bank transfers, Travelers’ cheque International debit cards, Currency notes etc. at lower than the market rates. So free yourselves from queries:
• In what way I can carry my money safely?
• How to transfer the fee with least documentation?
• How can I open my bank account in abroad?
• Which flight to take?
• What is the maximum baggage airlines allow?
• How to book the connecting flights?

Think about study mbbs in abroad in prevalent nations

Over the years Philippines has become one of the most and preferred destinations for Indian students to study Mbbs. The Philippines provides one of the best theoretical and practical education to Indian students to become the best doctors. There are many world-class universities in the Philippines which provides best of the education to India students and moreover the fees are not so high as well when compared to the International standards. The total fees package would start from 12 lakh- 23 lakhs.
There are many universities around the world who offer very low fees especially when it comes to China, so if students are looking for some low-cost colleges then the Philippines is not the option.
Students have to put some extra effort while doing Mbbs in Russia or China such as learning a new language, have to adjust with climatic conditions, Indian food and so on. Initially, it sounds very promising and education consultants show only the bright side, but the other half side is equally important.
While taking admission in any country or in any of the university, students have to be aware of all these things. The fee of MBBS in Philippines is comparatively lower than medical colleges in India. Most of the Philippines population is well versed with the English language hence there is no language barrier when it comes to studying or practising.

Georgia is considered as one of the favourite destinations in Europe for Indian students. In India, it is very difficult for students to get admission in good MBBS colleges as the seats are comparatively less than the number of students apply for. It is easier to get admission in Georgia in one of the best medical colleges around the world and moreover the fees is also affordable when compared to the private medical colleges in India. Most of the universities in Georgia is recognized by international medical bodies such as MCI, WHO, WFME.
Studying MBBS in Georgia is comparatively cheaper and better than any other European country. Educational opportunities, environment, and practical knowledge are much better in Georgia than other countries. Most of the universities are owned and run by the government of Georgia.
All the state or the privately owned universities award the masters and Bachelors degree to National as well as International students. The student does not have to appear for IELTS or TOEFL exam while studying in Georgia.

Having globally recognized and leading universities and colleges with comparatively low cost of study and living, Ukraine has one of the best universities in Europe and in the world for Indian students. Ukraine is an amazing education destination and one of the study in Europe for students looking for quality and low-cost education. The degrees awarded by Ukrainian universities are recognized globally across Europe, America, and Asia. The institutes are also recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). One can get a job anywhere in the world after completing their Mbbs in Ukraine.
Ukraine is among the most popular medical education destinations for Indian students, in the world and in Europe. According to various sources, Indian students comprise about 50% of the International students in Ukraine.
Ukraine is a wonderful country to study and live in with natural beauty and amazing coastlines. It is the second largest country in Europe, after Russia.

Indian students are going to Russia over many decades to fulfil their dreams to become a qualified doctor. When it is compared to other countries, especially the European countries, many universities in Russia are a much better option for Indian students to get an MBBS degree. Among the best 100 medical universities in the world, more than 30 positions are occupied by the top Russian medical universities in the world ranking.
Like every other country, there is no donation for taking admission for MBBS in Russia. A student does not have to appear for IELTS or TOEFL exam to get admission in the Russian universities. Every year a large number of Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia.
When it is compared to the daily expenses, Russia is comparatively cheaper than the western countries. India and Russia hold very good relations over the years hence the Indian students never face any problem in Russia. Highly trained and experienced faculties make the students easy to understand the curriculum in an effective way. Indian students enjoy world-class curriculum designed by the Russian universities which help them to clear the FMGE.

MBBS in China has been attracting international students who wish to pursue a career in medicine. China is one of the fastest growing destinations for international students, studying medicine. China nowadays is one of the leading countries in the medical field. After completing MBBS in China, students from India can make their way to other countries or can come back and start practising or prepare for the PG after clearing the FMGE. All the medical schools in China are Government owned and operated. All the medical schools in China are recognized by the medical council of China and many of them are recognized by the World Health Organization as well. The mode of instruction for Indian students is English. In order to communicate with the patients in clinics, students need to study the Chinese language.

Higher medical institutions in The Republic of Belarus are recognized worldwide and correspond to the status of proficient training for future doctors. Belarus has a long history and profound traditions in the sphere of medicine. Moreover its huge strive for progress as well as the significant intellectual potential of the working staff give Belarus a merited place in medical science and education.
Training of health professionals is based on the up-to-date education technologies of higher and medical secondary education in combination with high-tech methods of practising medicine that enables them to be competitive and flexible in the world labour market.
The duration of the Study in Belarus course is 6 years. Within the first three years, students study fundamental sciences such as anatomy, histology, biology, chemistry, physics, Latin and other foreign languages, philosophy. Studies for the 4-6-year students are conducted at hospitals and polyclinics. The master internal and surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynaecology, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, paediatrics, and many other subjects. In summer students have their practical training: nursing – after the 3rd course, outpatient practice – after the 4th course, and inpatient practice – after the 5th course.

Generally, All the medical colleges offer programs with 6 years course duration in Kyrgyzstan. However, Only ISM, Kyrgyzstan (Remember, it is a private college, so not suggested by MOKSH) offers 5 years course duration. Osh State medical university Kyrgyzstan and Jalalabad medical university Kyrgyzstan along with an International school of medicine Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan are some of the top medical universities in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Russia fees for Indian students 2018 is higher than Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy fee structure. Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy is one of the top-rated University of Kyrgyzstan. It is suggested to choose government medical colleges to study medicine in Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in ISM Kyrgyzstan is a private college and is probably cheaper than to study MBBS in Russia Moscow.

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a fantastic option for Indian students. Why? Because the students who have done their MBBS from Kazakhstan have outperformed their counterparts from countries such as Russia, China, and Kyrgyzstan in terms of FMGE passing percentage. MBBS from Kazakhstan has better FMGE passing percentage than China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.
At the end of the day, all that matters is whether you have cleared FMGE or not and Indian students have been passing this exam at a better ratio than students from countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Bulgaria.
MBBS in Kazakhstan is the best option for MBBS abroad at low cost with a high-quality education.
We would recommend MBBS in Kazakhstan rather than MBBS in China as the duration is the same but the FMGE passing percentage is higher for Kazakhstan. MBBS in Kazakhstan duration is 5 years.

Appreciation we get

I want to thank the whole team of Titanium education consultant for their valuable time, which they spent with me discussing my preference of country, course, fees etc. A special thanks to Vikas, Nitu, Preeti for simplifying my journey.
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