MBBS in China

Why study MBBS in China

MBBS in China has been attracting international students who wish to pursue a career in medicine. China is one of the fastest growing destinations for international students, studying medicine. China now a days is one of the leading countries in the medical field. After completing MBBS in china, students from India can make their way to other countries or can come back and start practicing or prepare for the PG after clearing the FMGE. All the medical schools in China are Government owned and operated. All the medical schools in china are recognized by the medical council of China and many of them are recognized by the World Health Organization as well. The mode of instruction for Indian students is English. In order to communicate with the patients in clinics, students need to study Chinese language.

Reasons for studying MBBS in China

  • Eligibility for any medical licensing examination

  • Graduate with a globally recognized medical degree

  • On par with western higher education in medicine

  • Separate hostel for girls/ boys are easily available

  • No donation/ hidden charges for students who get admission in any of the university in China

  • Easy to get admission in top class Chinese university

  • Plenty of quality hospital in china for internship

  • Study in a society with excellent security

  • Colourful campus life

Medical Colleges in China

MCI India approved globally top ranking China medical universities

S. No. Universities University Location Tuition Fee Per Year (RMB) Rank
1Fudan UniversityShanghai75000A+
2Nankai UniversityTianjin64000A+
3Sun Yat-Sen UniversityGuangzhou48000A+
4Shandong UniversityJinan, Shandong45000A+
5Sichuan UniversityChengdu45000A+
6Tianjin Medical UniversityTianjin45000A+
7Tongji UniversityShanghai45000A+
8Zhejiang UniversityHangzhou42800A+
9China Medical UniversityLiaoning40000A
10Dalian Medical UniversityShenyang40000A
11Hebei Medical UniversityShijiazhuang40000A
12HUST UniversityWuhan, Hubei40000A
13Southern Medical UniversityGuangzhou40000A
14Xi'an jiaotong UniversityXi'an j40000A
15Capital Medical UniversityBeijing38000A
16Xiamen UniversityXiamen38000A
17Xinjiang Medical UniversityXinjiang36000A
18Zhengzhou Medical UniversityZhengzhou35000A
19Jinan UniversityGuangzhou34000B+
20Nanjing Medical UniversityNanjing34000B+
21Southeast UniversityNanjing32800B+
22Soochow UniversitySuzhou32500B+
23Liaoning Medical UniversityJinzhou32000B+
24Wuhan Medical UniversityWuhan32000B+
25Nanchang UniversityJiangxi32000B+
26Anhui Medical UniversityHefei30000B+
27Chongqing Medical UniversityChongqing30000B+
28Fujian Medical UniversityFuzhou30000B+
29Guangxi Medical UniversityNanning30000B+
30Guangzhou Medical UniversityGuangzhou30000B+
31Harbin Medical UniversityHarbin30000B+
32Jiangsu University Zhenjiang30000B+
33Kunming Medical UniversityKunming30000B+
34Shantou UniversityShantou30000B+
35Wenzhou Medical CollegeWenzhou30000B+
36Ningxia Medical UniversityNingxia29800B
37Jilin UniversityChangchow29000B
38Nantong UniversityNantong28000B
39Ningbo UniversityNingbo28000B
40Shihezi UniversityShihezi26000B
41Xuzhou Medical CollegeXuzhou26000B
42Beihua UniversityJilin25000B
43China Three Gorges UniversityYichang25000B
44Luzhou Medical CollegeSichuan25000B
45North Sichuan Medical UniversityNanchong25000B
46Qingdao UniversityQingdao25000B
47Yangzhou UniversityJiangsu25000B
48Shenyang Medical CollegeLiaoning25000B
49Zhejiang Chinese Medical UniversityHangzhou25000B
50Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou24000B
51Dalian UniversityDalian22000C+
52Jiamusi UniversityJiamusi22000C+
53Weifang Medical UniversityWeifang22000C+
54Central South UniversityHunan22000C+
55Guangdong Medical CollegeGuangdong22000C+
56Three George UniversityChongqing21000C+
57Inner Mongolia Medical UniversityHohhot20000C+
58Bengbu Medical CollegeAnhui20000C+
59Gannan Medical UniversityJiangxi20000C+
60Guangzhou University of Chinese MedicineGuangzhou20000C+
61Shenzhen UniversityGuangdong20000C+
62Taishan Medical UniversityTaishan19000C+
63Shanxi Medical University, TaiyuanTaiyuan18000C+
64Wenzhou UniversityWenzhou18000C+
65Binzhou Medical UniversityShandong18000C+
66Xinxiang Medical UniversityHenan18000C+
67Youjiang Medical uni. For NationalitiesGuangxi18000C+
68Hainan Medical UniversityHainan18000C+
69Sichuan Medical UniversityLuzhou18000C+
70Hangzhou Normal UniversityHangzhou17500C
71Tianjin UniversityTianjin16600C
72Jiangxi University of TCMNanchang16250C
73Jinggangshan UniversityJiangxi16000C
74Chengde Medical UniversityHebei16000C
75Jining Medical UniversityShandong16000C
76Changsha Medical UniversityHunan16000C
77University of South ChinaHunan16000C
78Guilin Medical UniversityGuangxi16000C
79Chengdu Medical CollegeSichuan16000C
80Guiyang Medical UniversityGuiyang16000C
81Jilin Medical UniversityJilin15000C
82Qiqihar Medical UniversityHeilongjiang15000C
83Anhui Medical CollegeAnhui15000C
84Luoyang School of MedicineHenan15000C
85Hubei University of MedicineShiyan15000C
86Hunan Normal Uni. College of MedicineHunan15000C
87Dali UniversityDali 15000C
88Hunan Medical UniversityHunan14000C
89Guangxi UniversityNanning14000C

Studying in China

Many a students have a perception that they can easily get an admission outside India and easily clear the medical exam. But in China, the level of education is too high. Students should display a hark work ethic and have to take their studies seriously. China is famous for their rigorous academic tradition; students have to devote themselves completely into academics. International students get admission on basis of their 12th class grades. Admission requirements for MBBS in china differ from university to university.

Documents required for admission in China
  • 10th and 12th Marksheet

  • Transfer certificate/Leaving Certificate and Birth Certificate should be in English

  • Migration Certificate

  • Valid Passport

  • Six month bank statement of parents/guardian

  • Medical certificates

  • Six passport size photos in white background

  • Travel and Health insurance

Admission procedure for MBBS in China
  • The application form should be filled with correct details of the student, which includes academic qualification as well as personal information

  • Once the form is completely filled the same is sent to the concerned university to get the admission letter

  • Admission letter is received at our office and then handed over to the student

  • Student has to pay the admission fee of the selected university

  • Filling of Visa application form of China

  • Once the student get the visa, then book the flight tickets, arrange airport pick up and drop and let the whole new world of opportunities await for you!